Father Sam's Bakery 12" Jalapeno Cilantro Tortillas - 72/Case

Use these Father Sam's Bakery 12" jalapeno cilantro tortilla wraps to help transform any otherwise ordinary meal into a handheld culinary creation. Featuring the fresh and flavorful combination of jalapeno and cilantro, these wraps use only the finest, natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors to produce a fresh, wholesome product that is easily distinguished from the national brands. Use the wraps to give a spicy kick to classic meals, such as a chicken and bean burrito, or use to construct mouthwatering paninis, quesadillas, and enchiladas. You can even use to create breakfast wraps, flatbread pizzas, or flavored tortilla chips for nachos! Or, provide them as a healthier alternative to bread for your sandwiches. No matter how many ways you choose to serve them, these versatile jalapeno cilantro tortilla wraps are sure to satisfy your hungry customers!
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